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" I would highly recommend [The Art of Interdiction] to any individuals wanting to conduct more interdiction in their region. "

" Heather gets your attention and motivates you to be better police officers and better people. "

" [Dissecting Search and Seizure Case Law] was done well, and I could see he put the time in to make it comprehendible. "

" [Mike] took the complicated-ness of case law and explained it in very simply terms that allow officers to successfully apply in real life situations. "

" I can honestly say [Valor and Virtue] was the most touching and helpful course I have ever taken. I am so thankful [Heather] shared what she has been through as a person, and as a police officer."

" Brazil explained each and every case to it’s finest detail as it would relate to patrol officers. The dude is insanely smart and professional, very polite and talked to the students with class. "

" Mike Brazil did a fantastic job covering relevant sections of the cases here provided. He also explained them in a way I didn’t have to be a lawyer to understand them. He has given me more confidence in the understanding behind the job.  "

" Williams did a great job at keeping the attention of the class without boring us with information. I appreciated how he tied what he was talking about and trying to describe to a real life situation which was then portrayed in one of his real videos. "

" Just reflecting on [Valor and Virtue], and I wanted to thank [Heather] for good insights that would not have occurred to me from an administrative perspective. [Heather] really humanized a lot of these issues. "

“[kenny] really broke down the aspects of interdiction. The three different phases, different programs that are out there, and Red flags during the interview with suspects. I would highly recommend the class to any individuals wanting to conduct more interdiction in their region. I really enjoyed seeing the instructors seizures throughout his career. The best to ever do it!"
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